Just Another Way To Make Money

Busby Web Solutions offering $5000 for champion on Busby SEO Test challenge.
$5000 is big enough for blogger, especially for Indonesian bloggers. Of course, money will attract webmasters, and newbies include. That's why so many Indonesian bloggers participate on Busby SEO Test. It is just the other way to make money for blogger.

Some bloggers using this moment to testing their SEO ability. Another bloggers using this moment  for make a friendship. And of course, don't forget about money within.
And I'm participant on Busby SEO Test too. Even newbie, I think this is a good moment to learn about SEO. I can see what another participant do to be a winner. Its will be a good lesson for me to make my blogs SEO friendly.

Lets me tell you something. Before I decide to participate on this challenge, I think that I don't proper to participate on this Championship. How can I reserve the right to participate? I'm newbie on blogger world! And I don't understand about SEO things at all!

But then..., my other mind said:
Who care?
Nobody know about you, that's good!
You're free to do everything!
You have no burden!
So, why don't you try?
Just having fun with it!

Yup! Why not?
At least, I decide to be a participant on it.
Perhaps, I can learn something here.

Best Regards,

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