Busby SEO Test Rules

Busby SEO Test

Do you ever hear about any SEO contest call Busby SEO Test yet? No?
Check this out.
BusbyWebSolutions.com is invite SEO specialists, guru's, masters, and hot shots to compete over a 4 month period to gain the highest position they can achieve on Google (USA Google Data Center -


  1. Start date is 1st October 2008 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.
  2. End date of 31st January 2009 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.
  3. Only ethical SEO techniques may be engaged and the judges reserve the right to review the techniques engaged by the winner to ensure they comply.
  4. No pornography, no discrimination, and no illegal behaviour is permitted.
  5. The competition is only open to domain and sub domain names that do not include the key phrase in any form.
  6. Only registered entrants are eligible to compete and win the prize. Busby will maintain a list of entrants which can be view on the Entrants List page.
  7. Registration is free, open to anyone of any age, gender, race and domicile and can only be made through Registration process.
  8. All entrants pages must have a visible link back to BusbyWebSolutions.com with the following text including the hyperlink in black arial 10 font : Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge.
  9. Only one prize per person.
  10. Employees, franchisees, and licensees of busby (and each of their family members) are eligible to enter but not eligible to win any prizes.
  11. From time to time rules are added/updated in-line with community feedback to find the most up-to-date rules please visit Busby SEO Test forum on BusbyWebSolutions.com.

First Prize : $5000
Second Prize : $2000
Third Prize : $500
Fourth Prize : $250
Fifth Prize : $100

Midway Prize : $1000, to the entrant who has the highest average rangking on Google. This can be measured on Monday 5th january 2009 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.

iPod Touch prize:
  1. Invite The Most Friends. ( Entrant who invites the most friends, Who then register and compete for the competition.)
  2. Most Creative Content. ( Entrant who has the most creative content on their website as judges by the Busby panel.)

A lot of prizes. Do you want some?
Well, just register your web/blog and do the best to reach the top.
By the way, It is just the other way to make money.

Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge

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